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September 15th - 18th 2019

Privacy Policy

This document refers to the personal data privacy policy adopted by MICAM (mark owned by Anci servizi s.r.l. a socio unico), which, through White, Red & Green Milano S.r.l.,  manages the web site, and describes the processing procedure concerning personal data of users and visitors of the website, as well as the data processing carried out by the Controller:  Anci servizi s.r.l. a socio unico, with registered offices in Milano, Via Alberto Riva Villasanta, 3. For contacts you can present yourself, by prior appointment, at the company offices, or use the following contact information: Tel: 02-438291 | Fax: 02.48005833. DPO is Ms. Laura Marretta, available at Anci Servizi s.r.l. phone number  (+39 02.438291) and at e-mail address    

The Controller adopts this policy as required by art. 12 GDPR, to provide the information included in art. 13 GDPR and communication under artt. 15 to 22 and 34 GDPR, related to the processing of the data provided. This policy shall be read as general, given to everyone accessing with the following web site: corresponding to the homepage of MICAM official web site. The Controller, in specific situations (for example, affiliation as exhibitor/visitor/journalist  to MICAM event), adopts specific policies accompanied by relevant consents to be delivered for the processing of data.

The information is not valid in reference to other web-sites possibly accessible through our links, of which MICAM shall not be liable.

The Controller informs the third that the personal data provided through the connection with the Controller, data not belonging to special categories under art. 9 GDPR, concerning the same (even if operating as individual undertaking, small enterprise or professional firm) or its employees, agents, representatives or collaborators (the "Data”), shall be processed according to the provisions of GDPR. Data processing is carried out on the basis of lawfulness conditions under art 6 GDPR, for the purposes concerning the relationship established with the Controller and, therefore, its legal basis, as required by art. 13 lett. (c) GDPR, is grounded on the reasons of the contact with the Controller. Data processing shall include: management, organization, use, storage, creation of database, processing in EU and extra EU territories (in the cases set forth by art 45 and 46 GDPR), statistical survey, communication to partners with which the initiatives will be developed – subjects that will be appointed as external bodies according to art. 28 GDPR, Authorities, Institutions, ICE. The Data will be communicated also to Assocalzaturifici and, with specific reference to MICAM event, to Fiera Milano S.p.A., which is appointed for the application operations and providing the e-contact service, and to external consultants in the framework of activity management. MICAM –Anci servizi s.r.l. a socio unico, as per its by-laws, acts in partnership with several parties in order to promote the "made in Italy” in the footwear area, both on National and international territory, and therefore reminds to all visitors of the web site that personal data communicated for the relevant activities could be accessible also to Anci servizi s.r.l. a socio unico partners, in full respect of the applicable privacy rules and regulations, In any case, please remind that the Data Processing by Anci servizi s.r.l. a socio unico partners is  carried out only in the interest of the user, without aggressive marketing, and with the possibility to not adhere to the proposed activities.  The processing shall include the destruction and alteration of the data processed, as the result of the reporting of the Data subject, the consultation, the communication of future initiatives, the elaboration, soft spam by e-mail and light marketing, statistical survey, the submission of promotional material and use for promoting meetings and conferences, cancellation. It is further recalled that the processing of Data connected with the web services, offered by this web-site, hosted by Amazon Web Services (, are performed  at the Owner’s  premises and handled only by employers, collaborators or third duly authorized, or charged with occasional maintenance duties.

Data processing shall be carried out also electronically by subjects specifically appointed. Provision of data is optional, except from those automatically acquired by the system. It is intended that continuing with navigation and by not turning off cookies (see cookies policy), the consent will be considered as given according to art. 4 para 11 GDPR. The Controller does not perform any processing through automated decision-making process. The Data will be stored for five years and anyway for the period necessary to meet the purposes of Data collection.
The Controller informs that the rights of rectification ex art 16 GDPR, to erasure ex art 17 GDPR, to restriction of processing ex art 18 GDPR and of access to personal Data supplied and consequential information as described in art. 15 GDPR are guaranteed to the Data subject.
The Data subject has also the following rights:
1) to require to the Controller the access to its own personal Data, the relevant rectification, or the erasure or the restriction of the treatment concerning it;

2) to object ex art. 21 GDPR;

3) to data portability, ex art 20 GDPR;

4) should be Data processing based on art. 6, para. 1, lett. (a) GDPR or art. 9, para. 2, lett. (a) GDPR, to revoke the consent at any moment, without prejudice of lawfulness of data processing based on the previous consent;

5) to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

In order to exercise such rights or require further information, please send an e-mail to the DPO at the following e-mail address:, by indicating as object the exercise of rights under the GDPR, and as content the right that is intended to exercise. The Controller shall process the request and send the relevant reply within the timing according to art. 12 GDPR.

Please be informed that should the Controller decide to carry out further Data processing for other purposes different from those for which they were collected, it shall previously inform the Data subject with any relevant information, obtaining – where necessary - specific consent. It is further noted that the Controller uses specific and appropriate policies for the acquisition of Data in particular area (for example, accession to the association, accession to a fari etc.). Please note that users, by sending e-mail to  the addresses indicated in this website, for the purposes specified for each case, authorize the acquisition and the consequent processing of their e-mail address and other personal data possibly contained in the e-mail, to be carried out with the procedures and purposes mentioned above. The sending also involves the awareness and the approval of the privacy information note.
The Communications on Owner’s activities and newsletter service serves only to determine the categories of registered users. To provide and manage this service, the Owner uses the services and the tools offered by MailUp website. For more details on the processing of personal Data by MailUp, the Controller recommend to carefully consult the following link: The failure to provide personal data will not result in any consequence against the user other than, in the event of failure to provide necessary personal data, the lack of opportunity for the user to benefit from the services required, from which it is possible to cancel by the use of "unsuscribe”, that is footnoted in every communication.

Navigation data
Informatics systems and software procedures of this web site, automatically collect certain Personal Data, which transmission is implicit in the use of internet protocols. Such Data are used only to obtain statistic information on and anonymous basis about the use of the web site and to control the correct performance, and are cancelled immediately after the elaboration. The Data may be used in investigations about possible cybercrimes against the web site.

Cookies are small text files, deposited by a web site on the user’s hard disk, to identify the navigation browser. Cookies do not damage the system and do not contain malicious files. Cookies are intended to speed up the analysis of web traffic or to signify the access to a specific web site, and allow to web applications to send information to each user.
Cookies of our web pages do not reveal data concerning the user, and no use of cookies is done for the transmission of personal information; cookies may be disable at any moment and do not permit user tracking.
Cookies of our web pages are aimed to statistic evaluations, on anonymous basis, in order to improve the use of the web site. Should any cookie be deemed useful for other purposes, the relevant aim shall be specified. For our specific cookies policy please click here.

Intellectual property
Documentation, texts, images, trademarks and any other publication on this web site is proprietary information of MICAM – Anci servizi s.r.l. a socio unico and/or appointed by third parties. All contents in this web site are protected by rules of law concerning intellectual property. Any reproduction, also partial, is forbidden.

No liability is assumed by MICAM with reference to the contents published in this web site and to the use by third parties may, for any contamination deriving from access, interconnection, download of materials and programs.
MICAM, therefore, shall not be deemed liable, in any case, or required to indemnification for damages, losses, prejudice of any nature that third parties may suffer as a consequence of connection with this web site, or due to use and trust to any information hereby published or to the software used. Materials and information are subject to modification or updating without previous information.
Although MICAM maintains high level of care in the publishing information on the web site, in any case it does not assume any liability with reference to the relevant accuracy and completeness, and any use of the same is completely at user’s risk.
The availability of the information does not confer any license on copyright, patents, or any other intellectual property right.

Laws and regulations
MICAM regularly verifies the respect of these privacy rules, updating them with new issued laws and regulations. The DPO may be contacted at any time for questions by writing to:         
It is our policy to reply to users sending formal complaints to the address above, to solve the signified problem. We undertake to cooperate with the competent authorities, to solve possible complaints concerning Personal Data, which cannot be solved directly among Anci servizi s.r.l. a socio unico - MICAM and the other party.